Rain prepared your home

Jagvir Goyal

Rains present a welcome aid from the summer season warmth. For house house owners, these can turn into an issue in the event that they trigger leakages and injury the home. Take care of the next to keep away from any leakages or dampness.

Check catchment space

Make certain that the catchment space of your home, i.e. the realm that receives rainfall, doesn’t permit any ingress of rainwater into the partitions and rooms. Ensure that there’s correct slope in the direction of the drainage pipes or spouts. Large-sized roofs may be suitably divided in the direction of rainwater pipes by getting ready a drainage plan of the roof.

Seal the tile joints

Whether you’ve got brick tiles, stone or waterproof tiles, examine the grouting and flush pointing on the roof. Get the joints grouted and sealed properly. Next, examine the nook joint of parapet and the terrace for any tremendous cracks, which may permit ingress of water under the terrace end and discover a weak spot in RCC or RB slab to permeate contained in the rooms. Always present a cement concrete fillet or ‘Gola’ of dimension three inch x three inch all alongside this joint.

Rainwater pipes & gratings

In India, lot of particles, chicken droppings and useless leaves accumulate on open terraces. Make certain the terrace is cleaned throughout pre-monsoon and monsoon. Else, the wind will sweep all particles in the direction of the rainwater pipes and block their mouth gratings. In case the rainwater pipes are supplied on the corners of terrace, these ought to be supplied with slanting gratings to keep away from blockage.

Projections & window sills

In addition to roof drainage system, examine the projections over home windows and window sills to see that these are clear and carry a slant in the direction of the periphery. This will keep away from the buildup of water on the corners and forestall seepage to the within of the partitions. The finest method to seal the window sill joints is to make use of a silicon sealant gun which you’ll deal with your self simply.

Gully entice and canopy

Provide gully traps within the courtyards on the discharge level of rainwater pipes. A gully entice is a type of small basin of 9 inch x 9 inch dimension supplied under the discharge level of rainwater pipe to obtain the rainwater after which to discharge it by one other related drainage pipe to the drainage community of pipes. Its cowl may be simply eliminated to examine that the underside shoe or elbow of rainwater pipe just isn’t clogged with mud or leaves. Make certain these elbows are cleaned properly earlier than the rains start. Gully entice cowl is often made in forged iron and supplied, together with an angle body through which it rests securely.

Harvest Rainwater

There had been occasions when rainwater pipes used to discharge water within the open courtyards at decrease ranges over a particular concrete platform known as ‘khurra’ and the water used to movement to the floor drainage open drains. Nowadays, it’s obligatory for homeowners to make provision for rainwater harvesting system and be sure that it discharges rainwater successfully to recharge floor water. A faulty RW harvesting system might create issues because of ineffective drainage of rainwater.

— The author is former HoD and engineer-in-chief, Civil Engineering Department in a Punjab PSU

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