Pure Punjabi: Need to know what a village life in Punjab in previous felt like?

Want to know what a village life in Punjab in past felt like? If yes, ‘Sadda Pind’ in the city comes closest to derive an exhilarating experience of back-in-the-day feeling. Tribune correspondent Neha Walia and lensman Vishal Kumar capture the goings-on at the famous tourist destination.

Creating scenes from the bustling village life in Punjab with beautiful mud houses, lassi being churned in clay pots, men busy in animated discussions on their charpais, ‘Sadda Pind’, a Punjabi culture living village museum spread across 12 acres, is a happening tourist spot in Amritsar. Designed and built on the concept of giving first-hand experiences to visitors, Sadda Pind has been attracting domestic as well as international tourists, who want to take in the authentic culture, colours and flavours of Punjab in one place.

Visitors can savour traditional Punjabi cuisine and even cook at the dhaba inside the theme park.

Being here, one can experience the old world charm of Punjab through cultural performances, folk dances, local handicraft, songs, stories, and of course, cuisine. Local artistes, weavers and folk performers have been employed to give live experiences to visitors with performances, including baazigars, gatka, giddha, bhangra, kikli being performed throughout the day. The destination also showcases common places as the dak ghar, the barat ghar and the village haveli. It also offers stay with limited rooms built inside the premises for people who want to experience the hospitality of a Punjabi village.

Guests enjoy a peek into the past through a bioscope.

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