Properties with extra inexperienced areas, shoe-changing rooms in Covid instances

Deepkamal Kaur

Today News Online Service

Jalandhar, June 3

Covid has changed the lifestyle of almost everyone. Even the living spaces are up for some major change. Some of the common additions that people have begun making are having more greener spaces, setting up gyms, having shoe-changing rooms, a bathroom or area for hand and feet washing just at the entry of the house, home theatre for recreation, meditation room and a cubicle within a room for working from home.

City-based architects said ever since Covid started, the number of people taking their services had increased manifolds as a lot of new construction and renovation work was being planned. People want to make some structural changes so as to suit their new lifestyle.

Architect Thakur Udayveer Singh says people are seeking structural changes in their houses keeping in mind various aspects related to ensuring more hygiene and recreation and at the same time adding all those elements that can spread some positivity around. “Recently, we set up a fountain like structure at the entrance of the house where anyone entering can wash his hands and feet before moving in. Post-Covid, a lot of people are going in for setting up small rooms for shoe changing. Also, since many people are working from home, they are also getting an office like set-up created at the entrance of their houses,” he elaborated.

He said he had noted that people were getting back to the old models of housing, “We are also getting queries from people asking us to set up mud houses or use limestone as construction material as it is considered to be healthier. We are working on such plans too.”

Realtor Sukhdev Singh said Covid has had a definite impact on the minds of the residents going in for housing schemes. “All those people who have been living in densely populated and congested city areas too want to move out to more open areas for safety purposes. We have made changes in the plans of all three-bedroom flat schemes that we are offering. All these flats have a space for changing rooms at the entrance with place for hanging clothes as well. We are also giving cubicles for office work to all those demanding it,” he added.

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