Preserve the eyesores out of sight

Shristi Nangalia

The inverter unit and battery that sits near the entryway, waterpipes that line the balcony walls, awkwardly placed beams and columns and unorganised clutter in the living room are just unpleasant menaces that one regularly deals with. Apart from that, water seepage, chipping of paint or wallpaper, cracking walls, etc. are some other common challenges almost everyone faces while maintaining the home. Wondering how to make them disappear? Don’t sweat anymore. Read on to know about some clever design ideas to get rid of unsightly eyesores.

Fix the Beams

If you wish to fix an unaesthetic, eccentrically located protruding beam that tops your bedroom or living areas, false ceiling can be a striking solution. You can achieve any design and amp it up with lights to conceal the disarranged ceiling setup. For a more economical and creative option, you can turn the beam(s) into a highlight by adding cornices and moldings to it. Otherwise, you can simply panel it with wood or engineered woodboards to give it a distinct look. A similar solution works for columns irregularly embossed from walls. You can experiment with wall panelling and finishes available in the market.

Mask pipes & boards

For masking stuff that need occasional repairs or checks, built-in and free-standing cabinets often pose the best bet. Cabinets can complement the decor and can give you easy access to the equipment, conduits or electric board that you plan to hide. Not only that, sideboards and other furniture with back panels can help conceal these essential, yet featureless, things in an inconspicuous manner too. It is a good idea to think about how you can double up on the utility of the cabinetry or furniture. For instance: in the entrance area, a common cabinet with open and closed shelves can be used for storing shoes and coats, and can be used to obscure the inverter unit and main electric board as well.

Conceal the clutter

Little knick-knacks are an inescapable part of our lives, but controlling how much we see of them makes our living spaces more breathable. As per the availability of space, install built-in storage units that take advantage of every inch of space. Storage units are natural organisers and clutter-concealers. Think out-of-the-box and make use of negative areas and dead areas of the home — like the under-stair volume, overhead area above the doors, space around the TV unit — and turn these into useful storage solutions to stash anything and everything that clutters the living and dining room.

Panel the cracking walls

Rainfall, moisture, loose plaster and cracks can turn plain interior walls into sights of horror. As in case of beams and columns, panelling gives excellent hiding zones for damaged or blemished walls too. If the damage is only on the lower part of the wall, you can go with custom-made, partial panelling options like skirting and wainscoting to hide the unsightly patches.

If conditions permit, you can cover the wall with a patch of lush greenery right in the indoors. Take help of an expert to install a watertight green wall system that doesn’t worsen the already-damaged wall.

Partitions like foldable lattice screens, sliding panels, etc. are flexible and agile options when there is a need to apply an instant fix. Decorative screens can not only boost the design quotient of the space, but can instantly conceal anything you do not wish to keep in view.

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