Meet the meme makers

Manpriya Singh

Rather a lot has been stated and ‘shared’ about memes — typically sarcastic, at instances irreverent, and nearly all the time entertaining. But not a lot is thought in regards to the artistic doodlers or memers, the individuals who made you chortle umpteen instances with their humorous posts on social media. With jokes and memes going viral, the career of constructing memes has discovered its verticals: full time, freelance to professionals and amateurs. Looking on the brains behind a few of these posts which have introduced smiles on our faces in the midst of the pandemic:

Shekhar Dahal (31) was in faculty pursuing a Master’s diploma when he and his associates began following pages which revealed memes. “We particularly liked 9GAG. These were crisp and funny.” Soon Shekhar began creating his personal content material. It’s almost three years since he began The Visual House web page on Instagram.The finest movies and memes on the web page have touched almost 300ok likes.Thescriptwriter and assistant director says that he has merged his ardour with career. “You can earn between Rs20,000 and Rs2 lakh a month as a meme maker,” provides Shekhar.

Twentysix-year-old Jitendra Sharma’s curiosity in memes peaked round 2008 when there was an introduction of Rage Comics in India. “I was barely 14 then, and all I had was a newly registered Facebook account,” shares the person behind the meme web page @tedthestoner, which boasts of 1.5 million followers. Many corporations maintain chasing him with their provides. “I have received job offers because of Ted. Some political parties also approached me to create content for them. But my vision for the page is very different from a company that runs purely on a profit basis.”

This can also be the sentiment shared by 21-year-old psychology pupil Aakash Rawat, behind his video memes, which go by the identify DesiQueerMemes. He began the enterprise a 12 months again to make enjoyable of great conditions. Little did he realise that within the course of, he’d be contributing to smashing taboos related to the homosexual neighborhood. “Today I have a loyal fan base. Many brands approach me to endorse their products but I make sure that the advertisers respect my terms and conditions”, he says, including, “I wear their stuff in my videos, and that’s it”. With an honest following, one can simply make Rs40,000 to Rs50,000 a month, he says.

A bit little bit of curiosity in regards to the brains behind that humorous submit, at instances even results in amused ‘fans’ reaching out. Shares Karan Jalan, who typically has viewers reaching out to him by his content material web page with fan mails and sort phrases. “I came up with a series wherein the idea was to make fun of ourselves. In a way that resonated with everyone without belittling anyone.”

Jitendra would have you ever imagine that “making memes is no rocket science. These are just funny pictures with text on them”. He says, “If you think you have a funny bone, you must try your hand at creating memes.” For passionate amateurs, there are a lot of meme-making apps on the internet. For these severe about pursuing it as a career, ‘meme careers’ is a bona fide class within the job search engines like google. All the meme makers agree on one factor although, there are not any guidelines or any rule e book in the case of getting paid for making memes. “Do not start with the expectation that you’ll be making lot of money. It’ll come later, though,” advises Jitender, including that, “the best payments I got were messages telling me that my memes had helped bring smiles in difficult phases of their lives.” If not funds, that takes care of the perks checkbox.

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