Get extra out of your dwelling space

Pooja Khanna Tyagi

The pandemic has brought a major shift in the way we work and live. Our homes have been functioning as offices, schools and sometimes as isolation units for home quarantine. Let’s mark the new year with resolutions to improve the overall indoor environment of our home.

De-clutter & donate

Go the Marie Kondo way and de-clutter your house. Donate extra things. Get rid of broken, unused or duplicate items. Check your kitchen shelves as well refrigerator regularly and remove stale or expired foods. Keep a weekly and monthly cleaning routine.

Segregate and recycle waste

Separate your kitchen waste into wet and dry waste bins. Use wet waste items like vegetable skins, used tea leaves, etc. to make organic compost for your garden. Dispose of dry waste with non-biodegradable garbage like plastic, rubber and glass. Sell your e-waste to authorised agencies only.

Reduce plastic use

Instead of plastic use, go for sustainable materials like glass or steel for the bottles, jars and containers in kitchen. Carry your own cloth bag for grocery shopping.

Incorporate a fitness zone

Create an exclusive space in your home for workout and online fitness classes. This space can also be used as a meditation zone.

Check power usage

Purchase energy-efficient appliances, turn off the power strips and power points of ACs and computers, etc. when not in use. Reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar panels and geysers.

Go natural

Decorate your house with sustainable material. Switch to natural and organic materials for upholstery, mattress and pillows.

Save water

Install low flow showerhead, faucet and a dual flush for the commode. Install a rainwater harvesting system at home. Check leaking pipes and fix immediately.

Get Indoor Plants

Indoor plants improve the air quality of interiors by releasing oxygen and function as natural air purifiers. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.

Create a work-from-home corner

Invest in a formal home office set-up with good lighting and sufficient storage. Upgrade children’s study area since online classes may continue for some time.

As home becomes the focal point during the pandemic, with everyone using the living space for continuous periods of time, use this space judiously and wisely.

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