Brighten up impartial areas

Shristi Nangalia

To accent a room basically requires introduction of an element that stands out against the room’s base, background décor. Since we commonly settle for basic cream-coloured walls and brown furniture, accentuating holds a great deal of importance, more so because it adds personality and oomph to the space. The accenting element can be a decorated wall, a unique painting or panel, a contrasting sofa, a multi-coloured rug and so on.

Multiple paintings and frames add to the drama.

Amp up the wall

Adding a contrasting wall colour can instantly bring a distinct tone to any room — small or big. See how green colour on the wall accentuates the bedroom in the picture (right). You can experiment with bright colours like orange and deep blue or mellower plum pink or mustard yellow. Alternatively, you can choose from a variety of patterned wall colours, textured plaster or wallpaper designs available in stores. You just have to make sure the colours and patterns work with your room’s theme.

Green colour on wall accentuates the bedroom.

Panel it

If you wish to highlight only a part of the wall, a straightforward way to do so is to panel it. Panelling a wall allows for decorating the area in a plethora of ways, including veneering and laminating. The bedroom in the picture accentuates the headboard wall with a yellow-finished wall panel (above). You can pick 3-D wall tiles, faux stone tiles and jail screens to finish the panel too.

Furniture attracts

When done right, accenting furniture can play a huge role in elevating a room’s vibe. Although one can hardly go wrong with a bright-coloured sofa in a neutral space, it is always best to go for a colour and texture that nods at the room’s dimensions and lighting. Group furniture in the same colour to fashion a stylish, yet cohesive design.

A yellow panel on headboard can add to the design.

Storage piece or statement piece?

Who said storage has to be basic and bland? A bold red cupboard will grab attention and accentuate an otherwise plain room. You can achieve a similar effect with a statement door or media unit too.

Mounted beauty

If you do not like to go whacky with the furniture, a simple way of punching pops of colour and patterns to a neutral space is to bring in wall paintings, wall art, framed photographs, etc. Sometimes, a single huge wall art makes up for multiple small paintings. Go for a composition that suits your room.

Magic for the floors

When working with a neutral palette, generating the required depth in design is key. An attractive carpet or rug can add an extra dimension of interest with minimum effort. As per your décor theme, you can choose from the modern patterned or traditional floral ones.

Window treatment

A standout drape or window blind can bring the necessary intrigue to a neutral room. From solid colours to geometric designs, floral patterns to motifs, there are a plethora of fabrics available in the market. It is a good idea to match the curtain or drape with the upholsteryin the room to unify the décor.

Go bold and accessorise

If you prefer to go for basic walls, furniture and upholstery, accessories are a safe place to start. A bright-coloured pendant light or table lamp, a printed planter, a patchwork or patterned cushion, colourful table décor elements like trays, candles, vase, flowers, potpourri, etc. can help you accentuate your neutral room in a way that not only appeals to you, but also reflects your way of life at large.  

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