YouTuber Shivam Trivedi shares how he grew to become a content material creator with a couple of million followers…


Delhi-born Shivam Trivedi is a full-time You Tuber, who learnt to deal with copyright strike the hard way. “For a content creator, copyright strikes do affect mental peace as well as your flow to work. There were some genuine concerns like a show that I used to roast did not want their content to be played, which is understandable. Thankfully, after a few setbacks I knew my way,” explains Shivam.

Shivam initially started with animation videos when he was in eighth class and it was during his engineering days that he got back to making videos. While he was about to join a company through campus placement, it was his viral roast on Rakhi Sawant that made him a YouTuber forever!

Due to sheer hard work, Shivam bagged The YouTube Creators Award – The Golden Play Button – after he garnered one million followers on the platform. He beams, “That shiny thing in my room motivates me to do better each day.”

Burning the midnight oil

Talking about his late-night work routine, he adds, “My sister is probably the best critic and well-wisher. Those 3 am talks with her are wonderful. We have bonded so well in the past few years that it has made me see the talent she possesses. Now it is my time to help her, as she has started a YouTube channel of her own. I also have a second channel, which is growing too.”

The unique thing about Shivam’s videos is that they do not hit below the belt or have cuss words. He adds, “I work hard but at the same time, I do take off days. It is okay to not force yourself to work. For example, I mostly work at nights and have a just one place in my room where I ideate.”

Shivam says he will not be affected if some day he is roasted too. “And rest assured, they won’t get a copyright strike from me! Just grow and let others grow too. I am the same kid who was nervous the first day in my college to even introduce myself!”

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