Your sub-conscious thoughts is the miracle employee…

Renee Singh

We all have questions about life and its purpose, especially during these trying times. There are fundamental truths of the mind which need to be explored, explained and accepted. The sub-conscious mind is the miracle worker and learning to accept its power is the most important lesson we need to learn. It can cure you of your sickness, make you strong, open the prison door of fear and give you an entry into the glorious life.

Trust the power

In times when your inner strength needs rejuvenating along with the world around you, you need to realise that it is your inner strength that is actually guiding your life. Learning to trust the inner power is what keeps our lives in balance.

Pray effectively

We need to do what some people would call scientific prayers. This is to tap the infinite power within you. Harmonious interaction of the conscious and sub-conscious mind is essential.

Use inspiration from within

There is a fountain of wisdom within us. This is what keeps the inspiration levels going. Life treats us in many ways, and mostly we only remember the times we feel injured, through life’s many lessons.

Move away from rejection

This is really a step forward in our personally desired goals. It is a step towards getting what you want. We criticise people who reject us, and we compete with them. We need to counter rejection and move away from competition and comparisons.

Power of the universe

This is the power that tries to create and give you what you want. We have to trust this power, to create only the positive for us.

Re-programming important

We in our thoughts constantly play up a programme. We need to remember that this must be positive, as the sub- conscious mind responds to programming and creates accordingly.

Positive suggestions

It is important that all the suggestions given are of positive nature. The sub-conscious is constantly influenced by a constant flow of negative thought patterns. This negative programming needs to be consciously blocked.

Re-wire the sub-conscious

You need to stop reacting to your pain in order to get joy into your life. Reprogramme your sub-conscious in order to react in joy and reject all negative messages.

Belief system

Create what you are getting. Allowing information from the outside world to control your consciousness will alter your personal reality.

Be with your own truth

Your sub-conscious is more powerful than anything. Allow it to rule in a conscious awareness and keep the balance in your life. As much as 95 per cent of your life is controlled by your sub-conscious. Keep it in control.

Harness your sub-conscious

Keep writing all your ideas so that they go into your programming and create a reality of your choice.

Accept your own wisdom, trust your unlimited capacity and be happy.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based


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