Younger goals

Child actor, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, is roped in for an upcoming TV show Rudrakaal. He was last seen as the son of crime lord, Ovi Mahajan in movie Extraction- the boy who was kidnapped and then rescued by none other than Chris Hemsworth. Rudhraksh had started his acting career with television in 2013. He had played the role of Sahadeva in the magnum opus Mahabharata. Currently, in class 12, Rudhraksh continues to pursue his studies while he strives to keep his passion for acting alive. He will now be seen in Rudrakaal. He shares, “I will play the role of Anshuman Chittoda. To play this role, I had to watch a couple of movies which helped me bring out the right amount of emotion. I also learnt to play the guitar by watching videos. Besides that, we (cast from the show) attended workshops. It helped us understand the storyline and our characters in depth.”

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