You made my day!

Everybody likes a compliment…in the times when everything normal is challenged, strife and strain are the order of the day, one cannot but value compliments coming one’s way. What better than World Compliment Day to bring on some smiles? Here are celebs sharing some appreciating words that made their day. Also, how they handle the trolling that comes their way.

Confidence booster

I often get compliments on my looks and it feels great to be appreciated. If I have to choose one, it would be the one I got from the Jo Hukum Mere Aaka director Rajeev Ruia. He told me that I was raw and I could get into any type of character. Even my co-stars appreciated my work and that made my confidence shoot sky high.

Telling the trolls: Luckily, I have not faced it. If in future it happens, I will not take it too seriously – Veronica Vanij, actor

Feeling special

Being in the entertainment industry, which is highly competitive, it means you have to maintain yourself. So, even if no one compliments me, I compliment myself every time I look into the mirror or while I perform! But yes, who does not like compliments? I absolutely love it when I get a compliment, big or small. I feel touched each time I hear, ‘You are a good human being’ because that’s what I am. Very few people see it as I don’t socialise much. This compliment makes me happy and special.

Telling the trolls: Being a public figure, I am judged by people all the time- Kehnda ye zamana mainu bigda/ Mennu pal pal judge karda/ Meri rooh vich vasdi mohabbat/Ye mennu black hearted kehda – that was my first song (laughs). I let them be.

– Sara Khan, actor

Highest order

With the blessings of God, the film industry and viewers have always been good to me. I can’t forget one compliment that Yash chopra ji gave me once. We were in Chandigarh for an award function. I was in my hotel room and the bell rang. I was so surprised to see the legendary director Yash ji at the door. He told me “Oh yaar kya film banali tune. Partition se main aaya tha yeh film toh mujhe banani chahiye thi (What a film you made, I came from Partition, I should have made that),” and then he hugged me tightly. His eyes were moist as he added “Agar duniya main mujhe sirf ek hi film dhekni ho to main Gadar dekhunga (If I had only one film to watch, I would watch Gadar).” I couldn’t believe that such a great director like Yash Chopra ji would have something so big to say to a small-time director like me. That is still the greatest compliment of my life.

Telling the trolls: By the grace of God I have never experienced that. – Anil Sharma, director

It feels right

I do get compliments for my work, for my fitness and I do enjoy every bit of fans’ love that comes my way. If I had to choose one, someone great from our entertainment industry had said, ‘She is a good actress’. That made me feel so special.

Telling the trolls: Luckily, I have not faced much trolling. When that happens, I will not allow any negative comments upset me and deal with it in a constructive manner.

– Preet Anand, actor

One from Naseer sir

We get our fair share of compliments because the nature of our work. Several compliments have stayed with me. One was from Naseer sir (Naseeruddin Shah). He didn’t know I heard this but during the interval of Irada, someone had praised my work and he spoke about my performance in the second half and said some wonderful things.

Telling the trolls: Yes, there are instances when we are trolled or unfairly criticised. I ignore them.

– Rumana Molla, actor – Mona

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