With four Laawan, singer Vibhaas forges an alliance with the Punjabi music trade

Gurnaaz Kaur

It may be his second single but there are some firsts associated with this one. With 4 Laawan, music director-singer Vibhaas enters the euphonic world of Punjabi music and also becomes the face of the song.

Featuring opposite him is Sana Khan, a digital star, who rose to fame through her TikTok videos. It’s a peppy, romantic number that Vibhaas says is both youthful and has a lasting effect. In Mohali to launch his song, Vibhaas shares his thoughts behind singing in Punjabi. “I have already done a Hindi song and I was just waiting for the right time to dive into Punjabi music scene because I think there is no other genre of music that is as popular as Punjabi. Everywhere in the world, people love to listen to Punjabi songs. It would be right to say that Punjabi music is on the top of the charts globally.”

So, making something that has a mass appeal is definitely a step in the right direction. “I am a Punjabi brought up in Haryana and I am fluent in both the languages. Ever since I had entered the music industry, I had dreamt of this day and there couldn’t have been a better time than now.”

Vibhaas feels due to the pandemic, people are looking for new content more than ever which means this is the time to experiment and create something unique. And this is just the beginning. He has two more songs in the pipeline, one of which is due to release on the occasion of Eid.

“It features Jannat Zubair and Mr Faizu. The second one also features Jannat, Miss Pooja and myself.” Excited to look ahead and nostalgic looking back at his journey, Vibhaas is in a good space. “I began with doing music for jingles and ads. Back then, as a teenager, I knew I had to pursue my passion for music and reach the city of dreams…”

More like being in a friend’s company: Sana Khan

She got her break in a music video Na Chali. And working with Vibhaas was more like being in a friend’s company. “We’d met at the shoot of Dil Tune Toda Hai and we bonded really well, so when 4 Laawan happened, it didn’t feel like work. We shot this song in extreme winter when the temperature was three degree centigrade. Here I am in a skirt freezing and Vibhaas is in his jacket, saying ‘It’s not cold at all’. Every time I think of it, I laugh.”

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