Why is Mohit Kumar unhappy?

For bike lovers, their bike is their first girlfriend. Mohit Kumar aka Shravan of Sony Entertainment Television’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 can also be in the identical league. During the lockdown he missed his bike rides. So, because the shootings began, he was excited that he would get to trip his bike within the present. But now, as per the upcoming monitor, Shravan has promised to not trip a motorbike, so Mohit too wouldn’t be attending to trip it.

Speaking about his love for bikes, Mohit says, “I am a hardcore bike lover and my favourite part of the shoot used to be the bike rides. So now, when Shravan has taken a vow not to ride a bike, I feel really sad as I also wouldn’t get to enjoy these short bike rides. Hope this promise period gets over soon and I can get back on the rider’s seat.”

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