White Lily and Night time Rider is all about love within the digital age…

Zee Theatre’s Teleplay White Lily and Night Rider features two protagonists who fall in love with their virtual identities. The show follows Sonali Kulkarni and Milind Phatak posing as White Lily and Night Rider, two 30-something individuals trying to find love online.

While their virtual identities fall in love through endless phone conversations of sweet nothings, an inevitable reality awaits when they decide to meet in person and things don’t play out as expected.

The play uses humour and irony to highlight the difference between real and online personalities of people which can often lead to mismatched expectations.

Talking about the play, Sonali says, “Each one of us aspires to love and be loved, but the idea of being imperfect or not good enough can be scary. This is an emotion felt across ages and we invariably find comfort in a fantasy world of romance. White Lily and Night Rider personifies these very insecurities and emotions which makes it a timeless romance for the digital age.”

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