Whereas all the world got here to a halt, the meme-makers went in an overdrive to search out humour in every part that life threw at them


Meme-makers were the busiest lot this year. More than our family members working from home, more than celebs on zoom-call promotions for their shows or films and definitely more than the binge-watchers. Because to help us sail through the toughest year so far, the memers had to make fun of it all, the way they knew it best, in the language of memes, vines and what not.

Photos: istock and instagram

The Rasoda debate

Yashraj Mukhate stole the show in 2020. The iconic Rasode Mein Kaun Tha song that he created out of the dialogue from the daily soap, Sath Nibhana Sathiya, not only went viral but also resulted in many memes and Tik Tok videos. Among other things, his new songs Zakurrr, Biggini Shoot, Kya Karun Mein Itni Sundar Hun To also regaled the audience. His latest on Shehnaaz Gill’s dialogue from Bigg Boss, Tuada Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta? too had invited netizens to post their similar feelings via tweet. One such interesting comment was by the official handle of Swiggy app, “Vegetarians right now, Tuada Pulao Biryani, Sadda Pulao Pulao?!” Aparshakti Khurana and Neeti Mohan shared a video in which they are dancing to their improvised verses and dholaki instead of dhol beat as in the original, “Tuada Chawal Sushi, Sada Chawal Poha.”

Binod not found

In August, this Indian trend of spamming with the name ‘Binod’ in the comment section was trending on Twitter and Instagram live. Even the content creators and celebs from across the world couldn’t resist but ask about this Binod. YouTube channel Slayy Point made a video, Why Indian Comment Section is Garbage (Binod). It had just one comment from Binod Tharu, who typed his own name in the comments. While the video was to call out the useless comments, it gave rise to memers sliding into dms, live video chats to write Binod which became annoying for everyone. After #Binod made it to Twitter, Paytm changed its name on Twitter as Binod for a while. The State Bank of India and Mumbai Police too made memes on Binod to educate people about online fraud. So, like the vaccine’s date, Binod’s existence is yet unknown, but it did help raise some awareness on internet frauds.

photos: istock and instagram

The year that was

From comparing the emotional state of mind via pictures dedicated to different months of 2020 to netizens documenting their activities from the first week of lockdown to becoming a pro at it! If some were confused about which day it was, then many memers were busy busting the myth behind sudden love for baking, gaming and gardening. Also, eco activists started sharing pictures of dolphins returning, clean air and concluded that the mankind was the biggest enemy of nature, to which @taladorei took a dig by sharing a picture of lime scooters, “With everyone on lockdown, the lime scooters are finally returning to the river. Nature is healing, we are the virus.” And what followed were bizarre scenes with ‘we are the virus’ tag. One such picture was of a cow making it to the ocean. While Instagram influencers were dropping goals, the reality of those goals was a bit harsh. From failed attempts at Dalgona coffee to banana breads and playing ludo and calling themselves a gamer were few things that were targeted.

Talking about goals, My Plans vs Year 2020 Irony and Mentally I Am Here with pictures of exotic locations summed up feeds of digital content creators as well as Bollywood and Hollywood celebs. Also, people could not stop joking about celebs showing frustration for being locked up in their farmhouses, islands or mansions.

The OTT fever

The number of hours spent in the lockdown was directly proportionate to the amount spent on OTT platforms, giving birth to fresh meme stories by the hour. Tiger King’s haircut was bizarre, so was his song on Carole Baskin. Tik Tok videos on Megan Thee Stallion’s song Savage were popular at one time but as soon as the parody on her song Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband Whacked Him by Tiger King was out, people went into frenzy. Actor Ranveer Singh couldn’t stop himself from sharing the picture of his on the poster image of Tiger King. And who can forget our very own Sima Taparia from Indian Matchmaking, Mumbai’s top matchmaker? The flak and memes she invited had made memers run for their money. The gift of Mirzapur Season 2 had helped us recover from Bablu’s death, gave us Bade Chote comparison on various things, and finally made us say ‘Ye Bhi Theek Hai’ to the surprises 2020 was throwing at us.

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