When Drew Barrymore met her co-stars on her present

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore is creating a lot of optimism with The Drew Barrymore Show, which airs on Zee Café, weeknights at nine. Celebrating Hispanic heritage month this December, Drew recently called up Rosaria Dawson on the show, to share a few words about her Latina culture. Rosaria said, “Just the idea of our history and our culture, it’s made me really proud to see how much power, beauty, art and poetry is in my background and in my veins.” And then, Drew hadmuch to speak with her Saturday Night Live actor, Jason Sudeikis. Especially when she brought up a karaoke session they had once done together.

Jason said, “What better way to get to know a person than karaoke and war.”

Talking about his lockdown duties, Jason was quite frank about spending time with his family and raising his kids the right way, and the joy of seeing them grow and appreciate the finer things around them. To this, Drew said, “By talking about your kids, you peeled away layers of my own personal fears because as you were talking, I just felt so excited for your kids to have such a safe environment growing up.”

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