When Achherr Bhaardwaj locked himself in a room for days

Actor Achherr Bhardwaj suffered depression two years ago and while talking about it recently, he said, “I got hold of a big film as a lead. I rehearsed for three months and gave my whole heart to it. But one day I was informed that I was replaced by a star kid.”

He added, “It took me two months to get out of this and the whole episode left me depressed. I started questioning my credibility as an actor and was constantly surrounded by self-depreciating emotions. I locked myself in a room for days and was immersed in negative thoughts. I watched TV for hours just to keep my mind busy.”

Talking about how he overcame depression, Achherr said, “I used to set an alarm every half-an-hour to talk to myself about my strengths. I told myself that I was a good actor. Healthy eating became my tool. Also parents were my constant support.”

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