What celebs really feel concerning the Covid-19 vaccine drive

Happy space: Sharad Malhotra

The last year was very challenging for us as we were all locked up indoors, scared of contracting Covid-19. I am happy that the vaccine will be available now. I will surely be taking the vaccine, but only after it has been provided to the frontline workerswho are taking care of Covid patients.

Important role: Malvi Malhotra

I am so glad that the vaccine for Covid-19 has arrived,as it will play a very important role to stop the pandemic and provide us protection. The government has already said that people who are at a higher risk will be given priority. I will wait for my turn and wish everyone to be safe.

Safety first: Nitin Kumar Gupta

To research for a film, I attended the Covid-19 vaccine trials. The phase-3 trials of the Indian vaccines are yet to be completed. If the government mandates it then I will definitely take the vaccine, otherwise I will wait till proper efficacy and safety results are out.

Wait & watch: Aanushka Ramesh

The vaccine is here, but I personally might not take the vaccine yet. No one knows anything much regarding the potential side-effects yet, so I will wait and watch. I am planning to focus more on building my immunity through a healthy diet and proper lifestyle.

Matter of immunity: Nilam Kenia

Any vaccine once developed takes years to show its effectiveness and side-effects that come with it. I feel if one’s immunity is strong and one doesn’t really have underlying health issues, I don’t really see a need to take the vaccine but it also depends on what the authorities decide.

Faint chance: Nivedita Basu

I have a different opinion. I am okay with my body fighting with the virus. It has actually a very faint chance that I might get vaccinated in the coming few days because I am the person who doesn’t want to experiment with myself.

Healthy lifestyle: Nishant Singh Malkhani

I’m really happy for all the healthcare workers who have been the frontline warriors against this pandemic. I am not yet too sure if I will take it, but that’s because I feel I’m very young and have a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle. I want to wait and see the side effects, as well as the power of the vaccine.

Long haul: Rajesh Kumar

I will take the vaccine for sure but since I have already recovered from Covid-19, I don’t know whether I would need it. I think it will take a long time to reach 130-crore people because my calculation is that it took 15 years for the polio vaccine to reach each and every child!

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