Twins Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar have launched the Indian remix of Dua Lipa’s music Levitating

Gurnaaz Kaur

If you are creative, even a pandemic opens up new avenues! Twin sisters and singers Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar recently, along with music composer Amaan Malik, collaborated with pop-star Dua Lipa for the Indian remix of her song Levitating. The new rendition with a desi twist is a first such collaboration between Indian and international pop-stars.

Dua Lipa

Being Dua Lipa fans themselves, it is a huge achievement for them. “Due to the lockdown, there is a lot of new music that is being created right now but this song is very special for us because we are such ardent Dua Lipa fans. We look up to her; she is literally the reason behind our independent songs. Our single with her has come at a time when her album Future Nostalgia is doing so well globally and she even won a Grammy. All of this happened in perfect alignment and it’s quite exciting,” they say.

Deeply inspired

With Levitating becoming a reality, they believe the sky is the limit. “We never imagined it, so now we have our minds on collaborating with the likes of Justin Bieber or for that matter anyone. Everything is possible.” And their confidence comes from the fact that they are well-versed with various musical genres. “If you leave us in a room, you will always find us discovering new artistes, doing our research, listening to not just commercial music, but music that would be just a couple of thousand streams on Spotify. It doesn’t have to be a popular song for us to like it. We are always hunting for some interesting new music. That’s quite inspiring for us.”

If Sukriti made a name for herself with songs such as Pehli Baar and Kar Gayi Chull, Prakriti has Bheeg Loon, Tu Hi Jaane and other songs to her credit. They began with playback singing but solo music has its own special place for them. “I can’t pick between doing singles or Bollywood music because they both have their charm,” says Sukriti. Prakriti adds, “Starring in your video of course gives a certain leverage that I don’t think films can ever give you. At the same time, films will give you fans who love your voice, will look you up, and start following you. When you do your own music video, there is a sense of recognition. When our first single was released, a lot of people would walk up to us and appreciate our song. They thought it’s our first song. That way, more people discover you, so composing your own songs really helps.”

Together, we can

And singing together is how they want to be known! “We really want to highlight the fact that we are twins who make music together. We already do our live shows as a team and people in that set up call us SuPra! Our intention is to break the barriers and in a way break stereotypes as well. If you see, there aren’t twins who sing together, we want to show that it’s quite possible and so much fun.” Bringing out the best and the worst in each other as siblings, their career takes precedence when the two of them are together. “We may have our fights and disagreements but what’s common between us is that we are looking at the bigger picture, our future, which we know is going to be together.”

The lockdown may have taken them away from stage performances, but the girls are taking it easy and seriously at the same time. “We’ve always had a calendar that looked great, full of travelling and shows, that’s where singers really make the bucks; so, this lockdown has taught us we can’t take anything lightly or for granted. The silver lining is that we have created a bank of songs, so tomorrow when our song releases and the audience expects another good number, we are ready with it.”

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