Though not a simple battle, listed below are celebrities who overcame the lethal Covid-19

It’s been close to seven months and coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate. But, as they say, ‘life has to go on’! With the new phase of unlock, people are slowly and gradually getting adjusted to the new normal. However, there is still apprehension. Celebrities who have recently recovered from Covid-19 advice their fans.

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee

Tamannaah Bhatia, who is just back in Mumbai after recovering from Covid-19, says her fight with the virus was not that easy. She said, “Even though I lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a proper diet and exercise routine, the virus has made me weak. The fear around Covid-19 is understandable.”

Arjun Kapoor, who has resumed shooting from October 12 after fighting the virus, said, “This virus is serious, so I request everyone to take it seriously. People should understand that coronavirus affects everyone — young and old. So, please wear a mask at all times.”

Malaika Arora, who is also back on the sets of her dance reality show, added, “I feel so blessed to have overcome this virus with minimum pain and discomfort.” However, after her recovery, Malaika has been experiencing intense hair fall and has started with her DIY hair fall therapy, applying onion juice extract on the scalp.

The Yaariyan actor Himansh Kohli said, “The first couple of days were difficult for me as I had some breathing issues. I was monitoring my blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature. After eight-nine days, I started feeling better.”

focus on immunity

Veteran actress Himani Shivpuri said, “I am back to work after testing negative and my only focus is on maintaining strong immunity. My diet has seasonal fruits along with ragi and joyari rotis. I am also trying to focus on a lot of organic stuff. Pranayama and yoga are the most essential exercises and I make sure that I sleep sufficiently. I truly believe that in India people are not maintaining social distance, which they must.”

Television stars Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary had tested positive for Covid-19 too. Debina said, “Our battle was very tiring, mentally as well as physically. Both Gurmeet and I had symptoms like fever, headache and body ache. My advice to people is to wear a mask. Take precautions and be safe.”

Don’t surrender

Urvashi Dholakia said, “No battle is easy and even this battle wasn’t easy. It all depends on how strong you are in the head. One should go according to the rules laid down by the health authorities and just stay strong. Make sure that you don’t surrender. Go out only if it’s necessary. Just don’t wander around. Hygiene is most important. Stay at home and pray that this phase comes to an end very soon.”

Actor Rajesh Kumar added, “The most important factor is your immune system and you can achieve a strong one by doing a few things. You should definitely practice a lot of breathing exercises to help your lungs. Even long walks are very helpful. You have to eat light, so I keep my diet simple. I avoid eating every two or three hours. Instead, I eat every five hours since your intestines also need some rest. I personally don’t rely on the stuff that has been floating on social media. My advice is – remain cautious and safe.” — TNS

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