This topic is near me: Hina Khan & her Wishlist

What is Wishlist about?

Wishlist is the story of a middle class couple, Mohit and Shalini. They are workaholics. They have not even gone for their honeymoon. But one day they get to know that one of them has a very short life.

You have shot this film in Europe. Did you get a chance to explore the continent?

We went to many places like Italy, France and Switzerland. Shooting there is a different experience. We had great fun.

How important is it to take a break from work?

I believe in taking a break once in every 3-4 months and go out. There is a dialogue in the film that the biggest truth of our life is death. In today’s time of Covid, we don’t know what is there for us tomorrow. We should not put our desires in the backseat.

What made you produce this film?

This subject is very close to me and that’s why I have decided to produce it with Rocky. I grabbed the opportunity when it came up.

What is your wishlist?

It’s too long! But the top one would be – I want to see myself in good Hindi films and also want to work in Hollywood. I am a very performance-hungry actress.

When are you taking your relationship with Rocky to the next level?

I feel we already are in the next level. We are extremely happy with each other and spend a lot of time together. We just go to sleep in our individual homes. We get that space and it is important. I feel any couple will understand what I am saying. And if you are talking about marriage, I really don’t know when that is happening.

As we are coming close to the end of 2020, how will you sum up this year?

We all have learnt a lot. A clean environment is so important for us – less noise, no pollution and clean air. I hope we continue to maintain that post-vaccination as well.

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