These B-town beauties would do something to maintain the everlasting flame of affection burning

Chocolates, flowers, candle-light dinner…Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all its hues. But capturing all that love in words isn’t always easy. These beauties from the tinsel town wear their hearts on their sleeves. This Valentine’s Day, they tell us what love means to them and how far they can go for love.

All the way: Shefali Jariwala

Love is the difference between feeling lonely and being alone. Celebrating each other’s successes and comforting each other through losses. Feeling like home to each other, a safe place to rest your head. Feeling seen and known, in all your weirdness. When it comes to how far can I go for love, well, all the way to the moon and back, and back again. When I love someone it is unconditional love, I feel that is the way it was meant to be since the beginning of time.

It can do wonders: Mugdha Godse

Love is that feeling where you don’t think how far or how much… Anything is possible when one is in love with someone; love can do wonders.

Being there, always: Ishita Dutta

For me love is unconditional, it’s making the other person happy. I would do anything to make the person feel loved and happy. There is no limit to love. When you love someone, you would practically be there for that person no matter what.

No limit: Sunayana Fozdar

Love for me is unconditional, it’s friendship, it’s acceptance. Love should make you blossom into the best version of yourself! It’s not being in possession of a person or a relationship. I wouldn’t want to limit myself by saying ‘how far I would go for love’ because my love is limitless.

For eternity: Shubhaavi Choksey

They say love is unconditional and I agree but it does depend on the other person as well. Above all else, I love myself and that gives me the strength to love those around me. My love is not for a day or a season… it is eternal.

I love ‘love’: Shama Sikander

I live my life for love, love is everything to me. So, I’ll go to any extent for love. I am a very passionate person. I love ‘love’.

— Gurnaaz Kaur

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