‘There was no method I may have stated no to Wagle Ki Duniya’: Pariva Pranati

  • You have worked in many television shows. What made you experiment with Wagle Ki Duniya?

There was no way I could have said no to Wagle Ki Duniya. I had taken a break after I had a baby and returning with a show which has an immense nostalgic value, not only for me but for my parents too, was something I was eagerly waiting to be a part of.

  • Tell us something about your character…

Vandana is warm and strong-headed woman, who quit her job to look after her kids and the family. While she is a homemaker, she is also a backbone of the Wagle family.

  • The show has a powerful storyline. Do you think it will be a contributing factor to the show’s success?

Certainly, the show brings in a fresh perspective for modern middle-class families not only to survive but to emerge victorious in day-to-day challenges.

  • Do you believe that this show will be a milestone for your career?

I would like to think so. Being a part of Wagle Ki Duniya is a wonderful opportunity. I hope this show creates a place in peoples’ hearts and receives love from everyone.

  • How has been your journey in the tinsel world?

I think it became challenging after I had a baby. It was really difficult to resume work. Our profession demands long hours and it was challenging for me to leave my baby. My family has been really supportive on that front.

  • What are your other interests?

I enjoy painting, writing and have immense love for animals. My house in itself is a zoo!

  • Are you active on social media platforms?

I am not so active. If anyone looks at my social media platforms, I’d come across as an animal rescuer.

  • What is the fitness regime that you follow?

I was actively doing yoga and brisk walking, but currently that has taken a back-seat, but I am soon planning to go back to it again.

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