The yr forward

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is on January 23

You will strive towards strengthening your relationship with your beloved and are likely to tie the knot within this year. Your domestic and partnership affairs are of special interest now, and paperwork connected with these is likely to bring good luck. You need to do something that will totally absorb you. This new phase is all about breaking free from fear, darkness and insecurity. Your desire to be with your family and loved ones will bring about some unusual activities at home. If in politics, take care of safety. If seeking a job abroad, wait till May. You’ll be able to make great investments and increase your earnings.

Positive colours: Green & blue

Select days: Wednesday & Friday

Favourable numbers: 5 & 6

Gems recommended: Emerald

Charity on birthday: Donate iron or steel utensils.

You share your birthday with Ramesh Sippy (January 23, 1947), who is best known for directing the popular film, Sholay. He directed a successful television serial titled Buniyaad in1987. His son Rohan Sippy is a film director. His family shall continue the legacy.

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