The Yr Forward

If your birthday is on November 28

January, March, April, and May in the coming year will be favourable for your love life. If you enter into an argument with your lover, it may be better to keep calm and end the argument. Those who have heart diseases or diabetes should take care of their diet. The year will be good to expand your social circle. Business and professional success can be delayed. However, you will see positive results with the help of your hard work and determination. Make sure your business plan is perfect and flawless. There is a possibility of marriage taking place in your family. Your close ones will stay healthier and fitter than before.

  • Positive colours: Golden & red
  • Select days: Sunday & Monday
  • Favourable numbers: 1, 2 & 9
  • Gems recommended: Sunstone & ruby
  • Charity on birthday: Donate charcoal or mustard oil

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