The Yr Forward

Madan Gupta Spatu

You are ruled by Mercury,number five and Gemini Sun Sign. The sum of the current year, 2021, is also five.The main characteristics of this sign are its dualism and contradictory nature. People born on this date are quiet, fascinating, clever and active, but sometimes they are pessimistic and amorphous. Sometimes their extreme versatility can be negative.Number five is the number of the senses, but it also represents the power of man as we have five fingers on each hand. It expresses openness to new experiences, the desire for freedom and adventure. You always feel the need for change;you tire easily from static situations, favouring circumstances and people who can make you feel new and exciting. You feel optimistic every single day.

Positive colours: Green&turquoise

Select days: Wednesday & Friday

Favourable numbers: 5&6

Gems recommended: Emerald &ruby

Charity on birthday: Donate bakery items

You share your birthday with

Sugandha Mishra (May 23,1984, Jalandhar), who is a playback singer, television presenter and comedienne. She recently married Sanket Bhonsley. Number five, which represents Mercury, makes her versatile and will help her achieve success in the coming times.

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