The Yr Forward

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is on May 7

You will find distractions at home a bit challenging for career. However, this disharmonious period will end soon. Luck will be on your side and focus will be high. That will give your career the much needed push after June. Later, you will get into an expansion mode. Work done and planned now will give you rich returns next year. You’ll meet people who will stimulate your creative nature and desire to show others how lively you are. You’ll be an extrovert in this period and others will find your happy-go-lucky ways contagious. This is not a good year to implement ambitious plans or expand your business. There will be serious betrayals and back-stabbings.

Positive colours: Yellow and blue.
Select days: Monday and Sunday.
Favourable numbers: 2 and 7.
Gems recommended: Pearl & diamond.
Charity on birthday: Donate masks.

You share your birthday with Ashwini Bhave (May 7, 1972) who has acted in 40 films in Hindi and Marathi and television serials. She starred in movies such as Meera Ka Mohan, Honeymoon, Sainik and Bandhan. She played the character of a mother in Parampara. Her film career seems to be over now.

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