If your birthday is on January 24………

You’ve got an imaginative mind, but sometimes it runs away with you, and this time you’ll probably take a few people along as you’ll appear powerful and magnetic to others. You’ll be able to go on a trip with your beloved. Due to the impact of the planets, this year is going to be an average one in terms of health. Planets will tip the financial equilibrium. You are therefore advised not to indulge in luxury for now but to live within your means. As the year goes by, your financial position will become better. You will have to take a decision concerning a close companion. Be strong, open, and honest in the friendship. Your imagination is working very well right now.

  • Positive colours: White & green
  • Select days: Friday, Thursday & Tuesday
  • Favourable numbers: 5&6
  • Gems recommended: Diamond
  • Charity on birthday: Donate copper utensils.

You share your birthday with Rekha Bhardwaj (January 24, 1964), who is a popular singer. She got recognition with songs like Namak Ishq Ka from the 2006 film Omkara followed by Sasural Genda Phool from Delhi-6. She will excel in her singing career because of strong influence of Venus.

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