If your birthday is November 5………

You are Number 5 and Scorpio, so you love competition at both work and play.Your abilities and talents will shine, and you will work more efficiently.You will also get rewarded.New possibilities are likely to come your way. Don’t spend too much this year.You are the knowledgeable person, who is always busy collecting information about all walks of life. You will recover from a prolonged illness. Banking mistakes are possible; double check, especially if you share finances with others. Your financial condition will be average. New opportunities will open in your profession. Those unemployed will get jobs.

Positive colours: Green & blue

Select days: Wednesday & Friday

Favourable numbers: 5&6

Gems recommended: Sapphire & Ruby

Charity on birthday: Donate religious books

You share your birthday with Virat Kohli (November 5,1988), who is the current captain of the Indian cricket team. He is a right-handed batsman and also a right-handed bowler. Kohli is married to Bollywood star Anushka Sharma. The next five years belong to him, as he will garner more fame.

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