The scar will stay, says actress Malvi Malhotra

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, but when I was 13, I moved to Chandigarh where I completed my education. While I was doing my graduation, I did theatre.

How was your struggle in the industry?

Initially, it took me sometime to understand the process of auditioning. I did the TV show Udaan and also a couple of South Indian films. People who are not from the industry have to face a different set of struggles.

When was the first time you faced the camera?

It was for a well-known designer Karishma Trehan in Bandra for whom I did a shoot. That was the first time I faced the camera. After seeing the final result, I was pleasantly shocked.

Can you share details of the unfortunate incident that took place in October last year?

I was stabbed thrice with a knife by a person who is a producer. This incident has created a permanent scar. Whatever I do in my life this incident will remain forever. The case is still going on in the court. The emotional trauma I am facing is huge.

What is your focus now as an actor?

For an actor the learning process is never-ending, it’s lifelong. I keep working on my craft every day, I prepare a monologue and then try to improve on that. I see my flaws and get to know where I am lacking. I am focused to do a good role on TV or web or films.

How do you continue to be fit?

The best cardio is dancing. I used to do aerial yoga but due to the pandemic that stopped. It is not necessary to work out in the gym. In my house I am following functional training without any equipment.

Who is your mentor?

My father Sushil Malhotra. I salute my superhero. Whatever problems I have in my life, he has a solution to all. I always seek advice from him.

Any hobby which you pursue?

I love to play badminton and squash. And dancing is my passion.

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