The pandemic has compelled us to re-design our lives…

Rrenee Singh

Your mind is the most prized possession you have, but it is only of consequence when used wisely. Well, life has changed permanently. We can still agree with the clichéd phrase—change is the only constant. Over the years, human values have taken a back seat due to excessive materialism. It all comes down to what one can, or cannot buy. And yet, that seems to be a thing of the past. We are living in the times of a pandemic, which has brought the world down to its knees.


We have to change our perception of life, right from our belief system to our reaction to every thought process.


This ‘me time’ gave everyone an opportunity to think about life and all that it encompasses. It was a time for people to look within, a time for reflection, a time for redirecting energies and transforming ourselves. It also gave us time to overcome fears.

As a therapist, I have noticed that a new level of anxiety and a fear of the unknown are of utmost concern in the minds of the people.


The coronavirus pandemic could be considered a blessing, says Dr Joe Vitale. He feels that it has given people a chance to view life from a different perspective. He feels it is perhaps a divine conspiracy to get people on to the right track.


While people have remained indoors, spending time with their families, and loved ones, they have also been forced to slow down and spend time with themselves. Most people were racing towards unknown goals, just because they felt they needed to run, in a general state of restlessness. It is important that they realised the competition they believed in never existed. They needed to understand that the need was, only to excel in their own individual world.


Through this pandemic, we could also say, the higher source is actually saying that it is time to slow down, reflect, recharge and re-align.


More than anything else, this has been a time to redesign life. We need to think for ourselves—what is the meaning of life, and what does it require for me to be happy? Man’s constant quest had been the search for happiness. Finally, humanity has the time to invest in this impermeable search.

Frankly too much attention is being paid to the virus as an illness, and furthermore it’s consequences. I feel it is imperative for us to focus our attention on the larger picture, as to how to keep our minds and bodies on a level of health. Keeping our immune system healthy is actually the best way out.


Thoughts have power. Every thought, whether positive or negative, has a deep impact on health. Keep thinking positive, so that your mind releases healthy chemicals, which further enhance the immunity of the body, and prepare it as a warrior against invasions. Staying healthy is our duty on the planet. We owe this not only to ourselves, but also to the other species around us, and to our environment. Healthy minds and bodies create a healthy environment. The human being is an energy, vibrating at a certain level. Keep your vibrations high so that you are in a state of extreme health.

Let’s contribute with our own positivity, health and strength to the world around us.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

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