The New Yr is right here and celebs share what their hopes are from the approaching yr

The year 2020 was like none before – it brought hardships and is now leaving us with some lessons. As 2021 is here, it is time to reflect and reboot. Celebs list out their wishes, hopes and dreams as we step into the New Year.

Self-care first

Isha Gupta, actress

Last year, work commitments led me to ignore my health. Now, I would like to shift focus on to personal growth; building some physical and mental strength along with developing some new skills. Yoga and dance are already on the to-do list. Travel plans are restricted within Indian boundaries — Goa and Beas! I also plan to go on a digital detox.

Blessing in disguise

Jigyasa Singh, actress

The year 2020 presented me with immense opportunities and a lead role in the show Shakti. The lockdown was a blessing in disguise. I cherished the time I spent at home with my loved ones. Yes, there were hardships and struggles too, but I choose to look at the brighter side. And with this positivity I am ready for 2021.

New beginning

Shama Sikander, actress

It’s been a very difficult year for a lot of us and we have learnt some of the best lessons of life. I wish everyone a very happy new year and hope everyone stays healthy. I have great hope from 2021 and let’s all welcome the New Year with open arms and minds.

Three wishes

Adaa Khan, actress

I have three wishes for 2021. Firstly, I want to explore web space, so looking forward to an interesting role on OTT. Secondly, I want to buy a new car and my last wish is to go on a vacation to Switzerland.

Going vegetarian

Angad Hasija

My New Year resolution is to turn vegetarian in 2021. As I workout, I need chicken and eggs but I am planning to start organic food like fruits and vegetables. No one knows about it and I am sure when my family will get to know, they will be shocked.

B-town debut

Aanushka Ramesh, actor

I am looking forward to the release of my Bollywood debut film Mangal Ho in 2021. I also wish to go to Greece for a vacation.

Next level

Aniruddh Dave, actor

I am looking forward to the birth of our first child in 2021, as also release of my film Bellbottom. I want to read and write more and wish to take my production company to the next level.

Lessons learnt

Kanwalpreet Singh, actor

Last year was all about pandemic and while we step into a New Year, I just hope that mankind would be able to forget the pandemic while keeping all the lessons intact. I just hope it is a Covid-free year.

Positive note

Rahul Jaittly, actor

If I look back at 2020, I explored Punjabi industry like never before, so 2021 is starting on a positive note for me. I have signed a Hindi web series for which I am going to shoot in January in Moradabad, UP. I would like to resume dance and martial arts training this year, which took a hit during lockdown.

Fresh mind

Kanika Mann, actress

I have always believed in beginning the New Year with a fresh mind and a lot of optimism. There is no better way to begin the year with a little detour from my routine life; I will be travelling for two days to visit my extended family in my hometown — Panipat.

Live in the moment

Paras Arora, actor

I always believed more in planning the future, but the past few months made me understand the importance of living in the moment. I want to travel a lot in 2021. The past year has taught us how much we need our friends and family, especially at such low times. So, I will make sure I catch up with them more often this year.

Determined approach

Ashi Singh, actress

The year 2020 taught me to be grateful and feel blessed for whatever I have in my life. To compensate for all the wasted time of 2020, I have already started working on my fitness and am going to continue through the next year with much more determination.

No control

Gulki Joshi, actress

The one thing that 2020 has taught me is that ‘control is an illusion’. We go about in our life planning and then complaining if things don’t go as planned. Then, something like a pandemic hits and you realise that nothing is in your control.

Be disciplined

Yukti Kapoor , actress

This year taught me to be calm and also to save money. With the New Year arriving, I have decided to be disciplined in life – wake up early, work out, have fun and be more passionate about my work. — TNS

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