The net collection provides completely different shades of feelings, shares the actress

Shiny Dixit was last seen as Cherry in the TV show Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare. She is now back as the female protagonist in web series Hastinapur. She talks about the transition and more.

  • Your last show Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare went off air abruptly. How did you take it?

I was very sad to begin with. I think some new opportunities were in store for me so that show had to go. I have been very optimistic about everything lately.

  • Tell us something about Hastinapur.

You are going to find different shades in Hastinapur be it love, hate, action, drama, dialogues. It’s a complete entertainment package.

  • What is your role in the series?

I am playing the female protagonist in the series Seema. She is an MLA’s daughter and somewhat similar to the character of Kareena Kapoor in film Bodyguard.

  • Do you relate to the character?

Yes, I relate to the character a lot. She is sweet, educated and respects her father very much. But the slang language that she uses is something that I had to work on.

  • The shoot was in Lucknow. How was the experience?

The outdoor shoots are very taxing as well as entertaining. I got to see some beautiful sites there. As an actor you get very less time for yourself but outdoor shoots help one work and explore a new place at the same time.

  • What makes the story so unique?

It has different parallel stories going on. That’s what will make the audience glued to the screen. Love action, drama, all in all what the Indian audience want is what you get in the show.

  • Why did you choose this show?

The biggest reason was a good script that persuaded me to do this web series. Also, the cast has some great actors to work with.

  • After this, what kind of roles are you looking for?

I am always for experimenting with the roles as it improves my craft. I basically want to challenge myself to give my best. So, I am open to doing all kinds of roles.

  • You are doing more web series now, any specific reason?

OTT platform is huge and it gives everyone a chance to play and experiment with the content. So I like this broad canvas and I like painting it to the full.

  • Are you content with your career graph?

I’m not very content, but I am not sad either. I have to explore and achieve a lot and for that I am always ready to work hard.

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