The mirror as my finest critique’: Jeevansh Chaddha

As a student how did you fare in academics?

I used to keep a balance between academics and my extracurricular activities. Thus, I won’t claim to be a topper but still a bright student. I did my B. Com (Investment and Management). Education always acts a great ally and comes to rescue whenever one is in need.

How did acting happen?

Acting is in my blood. I have always been inclined towards acting, thus, tried my skills in theatre at primary and secondary level. I got a breakthrough in Zee Music video Sanson Ki Tarah and then got a chance to be a part of Ranju Ki Betiyaan.

Talent or training—what is more important for a debutant actor?

Talent and training are two sides of the same coin. None can be neglected, specifically when entering such a competitive and ever progressing industry. Talent helps you get the first shot but training helps you improve and make a mark. Training helps me nourish my skills, providing me with that thrust to never stop learning.

How do you rehearse a scene on the sets?

I consider the mirror as my best critic rather than being surrounded by a lot of people. As soon as I receive my script, I tend to adapt the character, the mood and most importantly the demand of the scene in hand. In the four walls of my makeup room, I and my mirror together prepare for the upcoming performance.

What do you do to get into the skin of a character?

First, I analyse my character and its positioning in the act. My goal is to create value, rather maximum value, in whatever frame the character might be. The importance of the character will be created by my performance.

What makes the show Ranju Ki Betiyaan different from other daily soaps?

Ranju Ki Betiyaan has come up with such an enchanting concept that includes two families emerging from a single father figure. On one hand, there is Ranju, a single mother whose four daughters want to have a father to guide them and on other hand Lalita, who wants her man’s interest to be secured to herself. Thus, this is a story portraying this tug of war between love and responsibility.

How do you follow a fitness regime?

Fitness is a part and parcel of my life. I begin the day at 4 am to work out my martial arts routine.

What is the philosophy you live by?

My life philosophy comes from something I read a long time ago, which said, “Be like water. When put in a glass, it takes the shape of the glass but still never loses its identity.” Thus, being adaptive along with being original is what I aim. I wish to be the hero of my story and writer of my own book.

How do you define yourself?

To keep it short and simple, I am a seeker to every opportunity I see, a budding flower in terms of learning and growing, and a warrior when handling adversities.

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