The business is evolving continually: Saahil Uppal

  • How do you look back at your initial days?

There was a lot of struggle due to rejections and disappointments. I was a shy young commerce graduate from Noida who came all the way to Mumbai to be an actor, but had no background in the industry or knowledge about the art form. Casting directors would directly throw “not fit” remarks even before seeing my audition. But those days were significant; every rejection made me learn, kept me going.

  • How did you bag Omkar’s role in Pinjra Khubsurti Ka?

I was called for the audition and the moment I read the script, and saw that the name of my character is Omkar, I instantly knew that this role belonged to him. My audition went well but it wasn’t easy as there were a lot of mock shoots, but I didn’t give up and finally got selected.

  • Tell us a bit about the role and what makes it unique…

Omkar’s flawed character justifies him being both protagonist and antagonist. And that sets him apart. He is the kind of character that we also come across in real life.

  • Is playing a protagonist easier than playing an antagonist?

Both require a lot of effort and dedication. But yes, at times playing an antagonist is a little more difficult. I had to make sure that the audience gave a green signal for a character like Omkar because not everyone would like to see the main guy flawed.

  • What changes have you been a witness to in the TV industry over the years?

The industry is evolving constantly,as it is exploring new stories and characters. It’s refreshing to see this newness and people willing to experiment. And the most important thing is how the audience has been supporting these changes!

  • If not an actor, what would you have been and why?

I would have been a cricketer or a car racer. I have a lot of interest in both the games. In fact I have played cricket till college and had the opportunity to take it ahead professionally. I have been a partof a lot of car racing competitions and have self-taught myself in the sport as well.

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