The 12 months Forward

Madan Gupta Spatu

On the career front, you will be going against the odds. This will not be a good year to implement ambitious plans or expand your business. There will be serious betrayals and back-stabbings and others will provide misleading information and refuse to cooperate with you. The support from your colleagues and management will be weak and you will have to rely on yourself to get things done. Financially, you will not be strong. If you are earning through a fixed and steady income, you will do fine. This is a period ripe with opportunities to attract others with your charm. You will receive positive feedback from partners or love interests.

Positive colours: White & blue

Select days: Monday & Sunday

Favourable numbers: 2 & 7

Gems recommended: Pearl & diamond

Charity on birthday: Donate food packets

You share your birthday with Vicky Kaushal (May 16,1988, Mumbai), who is best remembered for his performance in award-winning movie Masaan. His destiny is governed by seven and two, which is further supported by the moon.

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