Telly stars share some easy house treatments which they are saying work wonders for his or her pores and skin

It’s time to get pampered and look gorgeous this festive season. So, here are some skincare tips from popular television celebs for you to get the festive glow:

Sun-dried goodness: Aishwarya Sharma

I use a face pack which is my own invention. I sun-dried some orange peels and made a powder of it. Now, whenever I feel that my skin is looking dull, I mix that powder with lemon, honey, coffee and turmeric. It gives me an awesome glow.

A complete package: Suraj Kakkar

I am the old school kind. The first thing I do in the morning is take a shower and then I do Suryanamaskar. After that I do Pranayama. It also benefits your skin. I take steam once in a week to remove blackheads and for a mask, I apply a Beardo face mask.

Bond with charcoal: Avinash Mukherjee

I take steam weekly. Sometimes I apply Multani mitti or a charcoal face mask or honey on my face. You should always apply some night cream to moisturise your skin before going to bed but before putting it on apply two drops of glycerin as it makes your skin smooth.

Fruit full: Sucheeta Trivedi

I use fruit peels with honey as a scrub for my face whenever my face looks dull. It softens and brightens my skin. I also wash my face with milk. It cleanses my skin of excess oils and dirt.

Traditional take: Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle

When I think about skin care the only thing that comes to my mind is uptan, it is traditionally made of curd, honey, turmeric and gram flour, but my mother used to make seasonal uptan for me. She always asked me to apply the peels of fruits directly on my face. I still use it and it helps my skin glow.

Coffee comes to rescue: Meera Deosthale

My favourite home ingredients are curd, turmeric, coffee and honey. I usually follow this skincare routine once a week. I scrub my face with coffee and honey scrub. This reduces dullness and redness. Then I apply a pack of curd and turmeric on my face which moisturises my skin and gives it a natural glow.

Honey for hydration: Angad Hasija

My mother asks me to apply honey and banana. If I am free then my mother or wife prepares a face pack for me with turmeric, honey and gram flour. I drink water with honey and lemon. It keeps my skin hydrated.

Ice-ice baby: Delnaaz Irani

I wash my face regularly, and continuously apply ice on the face post makeup. The only secret I have is that I put a lot of ice pre and post makeup on my face. It makes the skin look firm and nice.

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