‘Sweat it out’

Poonam Bindra

Loveena Bagga is a talented Ludhiana-based film director and screen-play writer. A pass-out from Lovely Professional University, Loveena has written critically acclaimed short films The Traveller and Cinema. Her films were featured at Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival and Jaipur International Film Festival. She shares her fitness tips with us:

Fit amp; fine

You need to be fit for staying healthy but once you get consistent with your healthy eating and working-out habits, you start feeling beautiful.

My take

My idea of fitness is feeling light inside and out.

One essential tip

Drink at least one glass of water first thing in the morning. Don’t eat just before going to bed. Believe me, it makes all the difference.

The right diet

Eating guilt-free is the best diet you can have. When you don’t regret what you eat, your body utilises it in the right way. But that does not mean eating a full pizza without regrets won’t harm you. I mean eating the right things.

Any form of exercise will do

Anything that you enjoy is good for your body. I enjoy walking with some music and also doing a hard plank with many sets of squats. Do what you love to do. The idea is to sweat it out.

I am a foodie

I love food. I can binge on anything tasty.

I look up to

I love Sonakshi Sinha’s idea of fitness. I love the way she is maintaining her weight.

Fitness leads to confidence

You feel beautiful and confident when you are fit.

Don’t forget

Workout at least four days a week, eat in the right proportion and be happy. Also drink plenty of water.

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