Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Salian victims of serial killing, similar to Jiah Khan, says Rabia Khan

New Delhi, August 16

Rabia Khan, the mom of late Bollywood actor Jiah Khan, has stated that she believes that her daughter, Sushant Singh Rajput, and his ex-manager Disha Salian fell sufferer to serial killing and asserted that individuals from Bollywood and politics have been concerned within the two deaths in June that she as dubbed murders.

Rabia, who herself has labored in a couple of Bollywood movies within the 80s, stated that from the similarities in all of the three demise instances, it may very well be simply made out that the identical crime syndicate had given impact to those crimes.

She additionally drew parallels between the instances of Sushant Singh Rajput and her daughter to buttress her assertions.

Jiah Nafisa Khan had allegedly dedicated suicide at her Juhu flat on June 3, 2013 on the age of 25.

In an unique telephonic interview to IANS from London, Rabia stated: “I have the feeling that whosoever killed Jiah has also used Rhea (Chakraborty) to kill Sushant.” 

“The person who killed Jiah has killed Sushant. My child’s boyfriend used her for her money. He controlled Jiah. Rhea was also doing the same. From where did she get this much money? If it came from Sushant, we know that (it is possible) since he was doing films, endorsements, and advertisements. If not, from where did all the money come from? Was she into drug trafficking? Was she into narcotics? Was she friends with drug peddlers?” requested Rabia, who was married to Indian-origin US businessman Ali Rizhvi Khan. 

She had labored in motion pictures like Arrested, Karamyudh (each 1985) and Locket (1986).

Rabia added: “Rhea is not as shrewd as she is projected to be. Whoever is conducting the whole affair (from behind the scenes) is responsible for the serial murders in view of the similarities in the Jiah and Sushant cases.” 

“The person who killed Jiah killed Sushant too,” Rabia alleged.

She asserted that her late daughter was ‘courageous’ and that was the explanation she was in Bollywood, mentioning that she had acted together with megastar Amitabh Bachchan (Nishabd) in 2007 and Aamir Khan in Gajni in 2008. 

“Who can act against such established names? Only someone who can communicate at an intellectual level. Not some illiterate or any Tom, Dick or Harry,” she reasoned.

“Poor boy, Sushant, my daughter… really… they were simple, honest, spiritual, and innocent persons. That’s why they got snared by vile people, the criminals. They did not have the brains of a criminal.”

Rabia once more harassed the purpose that her daughter Jiah too was easy and sincere.

“Look, if someone is honest, he or she will easily be convinced by another person’s claim of love. She was getting flowers for three months. Tiffins were sent to her. Both were going out. My daughter was spending the money. He was enjoying at her expense.”

“Similar thing happened with Sushant also. Sushant had big dreams, and so did my daughter. He was educated, and so was my daughter. Sushant loved animals, and so did my daughter. She used to bring even strays to the house—she had made her house a zoo. Sushant loved playing guitar, and Jiah loved piano. Sushant was into astronomy, and so was my daughter. She had a Hubble telescope too. She had so many encyclopediae. Sushant was picky about doing films and so did Jiah. Sushant did not run after money, and Jiah was also the same. There are so many similarities in the case – I am surprised police did not see all these.”

Rabia stated that she had saved quiet for a very long time, preventing her battle to get justice for Jiah.

“But after witnessing Sushant’s and Disha’s cases, I had to come out – just as in case of Jiah, here too the angle of ‘depression’ is being touted. I am witnessing the same things which I saw in my daughter’s case. That’s why I had to step forward and speak on the whole issue,” Jiah’s mom stated.

Asked if individuals from the Bollywood trade and politics may very well be concerned within the alleged murders of Sushant and Disha Salian, Rabia shot again: “It is not ‘could be’ involved. They ‘are’. They are fully involved. They have everyone in their pocket. They are involved in Disha Salian’s case too. Disha was present at a party where all the row started. Sushant Singh said ‘do not do to Disha what you did to Jiah’. From where all did these things come out? There can be no smoke without fire. Why are you going after the smokescreen created in the names of Karan Johar and the Chopra family? Why are you not chasing what is behind this smoke? The entire syndicate is now standing united to save the person who killed Sushant and Disha. What are these people trying to hide? Who all will be exposed in the Sushant case? To save whom has the whole army of people jumped in to save? The whole universe you have created has become one to save Rhea Chakraborty. And there is someone behind Rhea who has weaved all this game.”

Levelling allegations towards the Mumbai Police in Sushant case, she stated it was bent on hiding the entire affair from the very starting.

“Had police dubbed the case as murder and done investigation on these lines, things would have been different. But police did not do so.”

“First, they dubbed the death as suicide and then roped in a producer-director  to give it a ‘depression’ twist and mislead the public by the smokescreen thus created. Two months were spent in all this. It is a drama, a strategy called ‘how to get away with murder.” IANS

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