Surprise Girl 1984 to launch in India earlier than US

What Tenet couldn’t do in America, hopes are high it would in India. Opening to a tepid response in the US in early September, this Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film is expected to bring back the footfall to cinemas as it releases in India today. Cinemas have opened, but the audience is still reluctant. Can Hollywood biggies lure them in?

Film trade analyst Atul Mohan sees hope, “Given that only a big screen can do justice to Tenet, it’s estimated that the film would get a Rs 5-crore opening.” He believes that cinema’s glory can’t be brought back by small, non-star films but big films like Sooryavanshi, 83 and Radhe. Till that happens, Hollywood flicks can do the job.

Need a big release

Punjabi film producer Rrupaali Gupta says the lull isn’t going to last long. “India is a cinema-driven industry. If there has not been a good response, it’s because there hasn’t been a big release. Tenet is all set to change that.” However, she insists that a big-ticket Hindi or Punjabi film can do far better than Hollywood big-budget productions. But then not many are ready to risk a release as of now. She herself is itching to get back to the movie hall, “But my film’s shoot is a priority for me, once done I would step back to cinemas to enjoy films that deserve that dedicated viewing experience.”

A still from Tenet

Author-filmmaker Pankaj Dubey says, “While people want to go back to theatres, they can’t risk their lives. And there is plenty of content available digitally, so they are not entertainment deprived!” As for him, he is saving the best for the screen, “Nolan’s spectacle is something to be enjoyed only on the big screen. When you love something, you don’t settle for second best. Though I wouldn’t go to a cinema hall just right now, I wouldn’t see it elsewhere! It’s great to be positive, but even greater to be a realist.”

True fan

“With the opening of theatres, Hollywood was ready to take their work for a spin as it is content-driven, which creates a hype among the audience all around the globe. That assures recovery of the money they have invested,” says actor and director, Samar Malhotra, of Punjabi web series Ishq De Bulle fame. A movie buff and admirer of South Korean cinema, he enjoyed Peninsula last week. “The way Nolan leaves the hints in the scenes is amazing. Tenet will surely be analysed for a long time to come. Just like people still (in 2020) talk about Inception (2010) and Interstellar (2014). I will surely treat myself again in Phoenix IMAX, as I will be in Mumbai after a long break.”

While the advance booking in the region showed only like 25 per cent as it opened, Tenet could pick up. The week next will witness the release of Dev Patel-starrer The Personal History of David Copperfield and Wonder Woman 1984 will follow on December 24. Seems like time to wait and watch if Hollywood films could bring the audience back. — TNS

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