Sunny Deol will get Y-category safety

The ongoing protests against the recently introduced farm laws by the government have received support from a number of celebrities. However, some people are standing in support of the government. Sunny Deol, who happens to be a member of the ruling party, tweeted in support of the farm law, which didn’t go down well with those protesting. Deol tweeted, “I request the entire world that this matter remains between our farmers and the government. Do not interfere, because they will find a way after holding discussions. I know that many people want to take advantage of it and create problems.” Now, as per reports, Deol will receive Y-category security which means he will be surrounded by 11 guards as and when he steps out. Meanwhile, Sunny Deol took to Twitter and clarified that he was granted Y-category security in July 2020 and linking it with farmer’s protest is wrong.

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