Sunny Deol: No extra a ‘farmer’s son’

Gurdaspur: As things stand, the October 4 tractor rally was planned after MP Sunny Deol’s tweet praising the farm Bills. They maintained they voted for the actor after he repeatedly claimed in his pre-election rallies that he was a “farmer’s son.” That the son let them down when they needed him the most left the farmers fuming.

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Deol had damaged the farmers’ psyche. Something big had to be done to fix things. Hence, came in the rally. The central leadership sent out messages to leaders directing them to ensure the event was well planned and equally well executed.

Sujanpur MLA Dinesh Singh Babbu and state president Ashwani Sharma were the fulcrums around which things revolved. The ‘farmer’s son’ had indeed messed up things and it was left to local satraps to undo the damage. – Ravi Dhaliwal

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