Sunil Grover unveils a tune that reminds of ‘what Haryana misplaced in 2016’

Mumbai, January 22

Actor-comedian Sunil Grover has unveiled a new song titled Matti ke maa matti mil gayi, which he says is a reminder of what people of Haryana lost in 2016, during the violent Jat reservation protests.

“Matti Ke Maa Matti Mil Gayi. A song that reminds what Haryana lost in 2016 and what we lose in every riot,” Sunil wrote on Instagram, sharing the number. 

The song features in the upcoming documentary, Cheer Haran, which is about the reservation protests of 2016.

Sunil said in a statement that the song brought out “so many emotions in me, and it’s a reminder that life is so fickle and human conflicts can leave a family bereaved to the point of no return”.

“I’m honoured to have launched this beautiful song that echoes with the sentiments of the documentary ‘Cheer Haran’. I wish love, strength and peace to all those who have suffered in this tragedy,” her added.

Sung and composed by Sadhu S. Tiwari, and penned by Rohit Sharma, the song expresses the emptiness created in the lives of those who survive after the loss of their loved ones. 

“This song holds a special place in my heart. Its first few lines are inspired by a popular Haryana folk song, ‘Maati ki maa maati mil gayi’. While filming the documentary when we interviewed the families of the deceased, their words, ‘Matti mai mila diya beta iss arakshan ne hume’, haunted me for a long time. So when I sat with my music team, somehow the song came back to me. Our lyricist Rohit Sharma re-wrote the whole song in such a way that it expresses the feelings of every person from those families. It brings tears to my eyes and incites goosebumps every time I hear it. It is a song that depicts the void caused by loss of lives,” said the film’s director Kuldeep Ruhil. 

Cheer Haran will hit the cinemas of North India on January 29.  — IANS

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