Sunidhi Chauhan is again with a brand new single titled Ye Ranjishein, which has been launched on SpotlampE’s YouTube channel. The singer talks about it

What made you take up this song?

This song has been composed by Shruti Rane, a very talented girl. When I first heard her, I thought she was just singing but when I got to know that she had composed it, I just loved it. The heartfelt lyrics by Rajesh Manthan perfectly complement this masterpiece.

This song has been shot beautifully. Tell us about your experience while shooting…

It was a difficult decision as after the birth of my son Tegh, I have never left him. He has been my constant companion. But this time due to Covid, it was not possible to take him along. Shooting experience was good. We shot in a barren land. Ranju Varghese (director) shot this very aesthetically and the end result is superb.

You have also recited few lines of shayari in the song. How was the experience?

It was nice. This was also my first attempt to recite shayari in my song. I am happy that it has shaped up so well.

How much time do you take to record a song?

I usually don’t look at the time frame while recording a song. I have been fortunate to work with some great composers who have always given me a freehand. Also, how much time I take depends on the kind of song.

It’s been more than a year now that live concerts have stopped. Is there a solution?

There is no solution but to wait for the end of this pandemic. I am sitting at home. I have done two virtual shows from home. But without an audience the feeling is not the same. I feel extremely bad for all the musicians who are dependent on only live shows.

How does your son Tegh react to your singing?

Right from the beginning, he used to respond to my music. Now that he is growing, he shows a lot of interest. He can’t escape music, it’s in his blood.

In this unprecedented time how do you keep yourself calm and composed?

There is no space for panic. We can only follow the guidelines as the virus has spread. If we had been patient for two more months, we would have been in a much better state.

Everyone has come up with a lockdown talent. What is Sunidhi’s?

I have become a good cook and my son has started enjoying my food. He likes my palak khichdi, bhindi and mac cheese. This is quite an accomplishment.

People have loved your acting too. Will we see more of your acting side?

Yes, something will come up and I will be acting too. But we are all waiting for the lockdown to end.

It’s been almost 25 years since you won your first reality show, Meri Awaz Suno. Would you share some of your memories?

It was a surreal feeling. Getting an award from the great Lata Mangeshkar whom you consider God is an unforgettable experience.

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