Somy Ali’s NGO has rescued over 29,000 abused youngsters

Somy Ali is making her dream true every single day by assisting and rescuing the victims of human trafficking and domestic violence under her NGO called No More Tears (NMT). The actress says, “I don’t have kids, but these survivors’ children are my children. Given we have rescued 29,825 abused children, I am a proud mom of every single one of them.”

She also revealed how this year was special for one of the survivors. Somy adds, “NMT rescued Pooja on July 15 last year and from that moment to now, her life has changed to an unimaginable degree. Last Mother’s Day, she was not allowed to leave her house, nor was her motherhood celebrated. This year she was deemed a hero by NMT and all the other survivors. She is about to graduate and begin driving lessons soon after. Above all, she is safe and will never be abused again.”

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