Somy Ali believes imitation is one of the best type of flattery

Somy Ali’s journey from the US to Mumbai to meet the love of her life, Salman Khan, is a known story. We also know that apart from dating Salman, Ali worked in a few Hindi films before she headed back to her Miami home. Ali also runs a clothing line and funds from this business are used by an NGO. The actress says, “So-Me Designs is a t-shirt line within the umbrella of ‘No More Tears’ and the proceeds are used for saving the lives of abused women, children and men.”

There are misconceptions around her starting another brand called Human Being after a t-shirt, which was designed by her, with these two words written on it became popular.

Ali explains, “There was no brand as Human Being. However, the first t-shirt that I designed was called Human Being. The print on the t-shirt has several religious symbols in between the two words Human (at the top) and Being (at the bottom). The point behind my design was that it does not matter what religion we belong to as we all are one, thus Human Being. Salman flipped Human Being and called his NGO Being Human! I believe that imitation is the best form of flattery.”

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