Something however blissful

This sci-fi movie depicts us living in a simulation. But with so much confusion. What is real and what is not? The lead actors are trying to unravel this mystery but only end up complicating it further, or so it seems.

Movie: Bliss
Director: Mike Cahill
Cast: Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek
Rating: **
Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

One minute Greg (Owen Wilson) is at his office desk drawing images from his dream, the next minute he kills his boss and lands at a bar where he meets Isabel (Salma Hayek), who tells him the world is unreal and people are autobots. Only the two of them are real here and Greg can see that for himself if he takes some sparkly yellow crystal pills.

This concept of reality being nothing more than simulation isn’t new. We’ve seen The Matrix that’s about simulation theory, Black Mirror too takes us to that virtual world. Bliss, an allegory on addiction, shows it through the eyes of an addict. Greg is on the search for the safe haven where he will find bliss, away from the painful realities of this life and Isabel becomes his gateway. They leave you scratching your head, wondering what’s really happening? Are the two hallucinating or is it a science-fiction tale showing us another dimension of reality? Greg’s daughter Emily (Nesta Cooper) is his emotional anchor. The two worlds that Greg embodies and portrays beautifully run parallel and create a lot of ambiguity but at the same time makes you think. Perhaps it is Mike Cahill’s style to keep one guessing or delve deeper and piece it all together through his own understanding.

Salma Hayek plays a strong character. She creates this air of fantasy and magic, and must one say, she is unrestrained. Even with her false confidence, she is convincing, to Greg and us viewers.

Owen Wilson wins hearts with his performance. He is so into the character and such a natural. His pain can be felt and so does the need for bliss, even when he rarely puts it in words.

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