‘Some bonds don’t change’

Bharati Achrekar is playing Radhika Wagle in Sony Sab’s widely-appreciated show Wagle Ki Duniya. Back in the show after almost 33 years, the veteran actress shares how has been the response so far

What was your first reaction when you got to know about show being recreated?

I was thrilled because it had been 33 years since the show was first aired in 1988. We were satisfied that the show had a wonderful run.

Playing the same role after three decades, did you have any apprehensions?

I was actually on a vacation in Alibaug when Sumeet Raghvan called me to connect with JD. I had never met him but I have loved his well-crafted work. I like his way of thinking and presenting stories in front of the audience. So, there was no way that I would have declined the opportunity.

How did Wagle Ki Duniya originally happen?

Tina Khote, daughter-in-law of Durga Khote, approached RK Laxman and said ‘why not we bring your cartoons on to the television’. He wanted to create something based on the concept and ideology that he had of common man’s life, to bring out the humour in every situation. He then created a character to present every situation of a common man’s life.

Are RK Laxman’s cartoons still relevant?

Yes, he has covered every topic under the sun, be it politics, science, social or any other topic. Even today, when we are going through a pandemic, his cartoons are so relevant. His cartoons are eternal.

Your chemistry with Aanjjan Srivastava was the highlight of the original show. Do you still bond the same way?

Some relationships and bonds do not change. So, there is the same chemistry between me and Aanjjan Srivastava which people loved. The only thing that is different now is that we have grown up. I think the audience will accept the grown-up Wagles too because their problems are different in this era.

What new elements will your new character have?

The values are same but there is a little bit more nok-jhok between the husband and wife. The important aspect of this newer version is that the three generations have grown.

How has been the shoot experience so far?

I have known Sumeet Raghavan from before. Pariva Pranati, who is playing my daughter-in-law in the show, is a very sweet and a soft spoken girl. I have been enjoying a lot on the sets. The entire unit is like a family.

How do you think the life of a common man has changed since Wagle Ki Duniya first aired?

Everything has changed now with the passage of time. The biggest change is the internet revolution which was not there during our time. Shows with western influence are also coming up. So, I would say every single day-to-day activity for a common man has changed.

What are your thoughts on the joint family system?

Because of this pandemic people have come together and realised the importance of communication. The number of nuclear family has grown but people have realised that other than friends, family is also an integral part. So, I think people will slowly accept the joint family system again.

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