Social media is a boon, says Guddan- actress Dalljiet Kaur

How did the idea of a music video come to your mind?

During the last lockdown, when we were not working, it was really difficult. So, this time the idea of a music video came to my mind. Gradually, my friends Vartika and Shubham also joined me in this venture and we started our production house.

Besides this music video, what all do you plan to create under your banner?

We have a few webseries and films lined up. So, we have a variety of content to entertain viewers.

Music videos are trending for quite some time now. What do you think is the reason?

Music videos were a popular trend during the 90’s and then it slowed down. I am happy that the trend is back again. During the pandemic, when there are restrictions on shooting, so music videos are handy. The shoot can be finished in one day with less number of people on the sets.

The video of Befikar Raho is very emotional. What was the thought behind the story?

The story is written by me. When I first heard the romantic song, the thought of an ideal couple came to my mind. I have written accordingly and, thankfully, people have liked the story.

You are a popular face on Indian television. When will we see you again in shows?

I have received a lot of offers, but there was a fear of contracting the virus. I have a kid at home, so I don’t want to take any risk. Instead of a daily soap, now I would prefer a webseries, which needs less time to shoot and we can do that with adequate precautions. It is always easy to maintain strict guidelines for a shorter period.

Web series have a lot of bold content… What’s your take on that?

I have certain inhibitions regarding that. I will definitely choose a story that can be viewed by my parents and son.

How are you staying positive during these tough times?

At times, I do panic as there is no regular work. It has been more than a year that I have earned anything as an actor! That is scary as I have rent to pay and a son to look after. But I stay calm, looking at my son – Jaydon. I have invested my time in writing now. I never knew I could write, so I am seeking different opportunities to earn.

What is your take on trolls?

I feel social media is a boon. It helps in networking and boosts your business. But at the same time, there are trolls that make life stressful. I have also faced trolls where people have written about raping me and killing my son. I feel these people need help!

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