Social media, a double-edged sword

“A lot of people are there on social media and that is good but people are scared of being judged, so they don’t post honestly on social media” says Rahul Sharma

While social media is a great platform to post your views, actor Rahul Sharma says that at times people are not honest about expressing their views as they feel they will be trolled. Says Rahul, “Social media has changed so many people’s lives, not only actors. A new space has been created for social media influencers, bloggers. So, lot of space is there on social media and that’s good but not all are expressing their views properly because they are scared of how people will react. When you post something, which is different from mainstream thought, people comment and give their opinion, you will be judged by everyone.”

He adds, “People are obsessed with followers and getting a blue tick on their accounts. Definitely, a few things can make you insecure as an actor but at the same time, if you are good as an actor and believe in yourself, you don’t need fake things because real people will like your work and appreciate you for whatever you are and loyal fans will not ditch you.”

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